Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

2013 Children's Hospital Christmas Visit

2013 RMCH1Now to most, Robert Schnabel coming to pay you a personal visit would strike fear in most people, but surprisingly he got smiles and hugs, along with Andy McKinney, Richard Bentham, Jack Watkins, James Neil, Frantisek Bakrlik, Robin Kovar, James Archer and Jacob Corson-Heron!

Obviously this wasn't a hard fought match at the dome, but the annual visit to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital to spread some Christmas cheer!

The Manchester Phoenix have visited the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital now for many years, delivering presents to the Children.

It is a rewarding experience one that the players enjoy doing. We would like to thank all the Manchester Phoenix fans who donated presents for the children, it makes all the difference.

Read the full article on the Official Manchester Phoenix Website.

2013 RMCH2 jch2013 RMCH32013 RMCH4

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