Schools Roadshow

What do we teach?

inf rinkAs part of our presentation, we cover a range of topics and


Team work is a vital element of sport to achieve your goals, s it is off the rink too. Working together allows people to achieve their potential and interact. Through hockey, in any of its forms, we can use lessons taught on the field of play and transition them in to the class room and every day life.


Using modules in our presentations and coaching sessions we can help encourage people to think about exercising to keep themselves healthy and have fun at the same time. The sessions will aim to teach the basics of the game with the emphasis on the FUN of FUNdamentals, to help keep them active because they want to enjoy themselves, not just because they are told to exercise.

Healthy Eating

With our school presentations we aim to teach the basics of healthy eating, which benefits people in 2 ways;

1) It potentially cuts down the risk of several health problems and
2) It can improve alertness in the class room, a bonus for the kids and the teachers.

How Good Ice Hockey Is!

By introducing our playing staff to children, giving a basic introduction to the game and some basic coaching as well, we hope to show that the sort of hockey is a great game to learn and be involved in. The game sometimes doesn’t get a positive portrayal, but the game can offer so much to those involved at any level, life skills, team work, confidence, discipline to name but a few. All these qualities can help improve a persons life, both young and old and through the game we hope to teach these and show the fun of being part of a team and sport.

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