Neil's Skate For Charity

Neil's Skating Challenge

neil portraitNeil Morris, Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club owner, had to learn how to skate without any help from any of the Phoenix staff and skate out with the players before the game, doing 4 laps of he ice and standing for the national anthem all within 3 weeks!

The big skate was all live at the home game on the 8th of April where the Manchester Phoenix took on he Swindon Wildcats at the Altrincham Ice Dome!

Our target was £5000 and we would like to say a big Thank You to all those who contributed to Neil's challenge!

We raised:

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All Those Who Donated:

Spice Manchester Ltd
Laura Galek & Craig Duncan
Gary Finch
Irene Tabor
Julie Baker
Joe Eccles
Mr JM Gallagher
Keith & Janet Woodcock
Debbie & Iain Whatmore
Sandra & David Winnup
Mary Kilroy
Margaret Birnie
Glyn Andrew
Kerry Stanford
Judy Welch
The Hywel-Buckley's
The Scarlet Gooseberry
Peter Gray
Bucket Collection on the 26/02/12
Mike Arrowsmith
Pauline & Stuart Cash
Sam Forrester

Mags & Dave Pullen
Lesley Arrand
Dianne & George Hand
Bucket Collection on the 08/03/12
50/50 winner on the 08/03/12
Skate with players on the 08/03/12
Pamela Newton
Melanie & Philip Newton
Paul Carroll
Bucket Collection on the 10/03/12
Neil Winstanley
Jo Rutland
Chris Rutland
Jeff Fawthrop
John & Sue Morgan
Cherie Townend
Peter Summerscales
Phil Hagerty
Jenny Brown
Yvonne Robertson
Ken & Elaine Cowell
Pat Littleford
M. Cooley
Comtec Presentations Ltd
Bret and Daisy Appleby

Bucket Collection 18/03/12
Laura Sutton
Jim & Elaine Turner
Christina Brown
Helen Sumner
Karen & Lucy Rutter
Andrew King
Sue Daly
Patsy Newton
Matt Freedman
Stuart Campbell
Nick Gresty
Nigel Jackson
Richard Allan
Margaret Gray
Michael Thompson
Peter Davies
Frank & Barbara Humphries
Jon Nolan
Lesley Snowden
Julie Boothroyd

Bucket collection 25/03/12
Maureen Lyons
Vanessa Cunliffe
Gemma Laverick
Judy Welch
Kerry Stanford
Keith Woodcock
Kathryn Burns
Matt Chiron
Julie Forrester
David & Dorothy BLOCK 4
Football cards
Ray Clarke
Pam Clarke
Laura Hagan
Christine Conner
Amy Shepherd
Pam Murphy
Andrew Hagan
Peter Hagan
Christopher Hagan
Mike, Liz & Sam Thorpe
C Pagnam
Denise Toms
Russell Chenery

Another big Thank You to Lucy Mason who has carried the collection bucket round the rink at match nights!

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