Learn To Play

Learn to play

image14 fThis year we are introducing several “Learn To Play” programmes, in association with the Ice Dome, offering people the chance to try Ice Skating, Ice Hockey and Sledge Hockey. We also aim to continue our community work by visiting Shopping centres, Schools & Clubs around the region. Through these programs we aim to introduce thousands of children to participate in ice sports, either through on ice programs or Dek hockey in schools or leisure centres.

Utilising our equipment and staff to coach and encourage children to participate in sport, we also aim to teach team work, discipline and life skills through team sport.

The best of these individuals is then asked to progress through to our indoor roller hockey programme, where they can take part in a six-week basic training program before being introduced to local roller hockey teams.

We will be working in partnership with local Roller hockey and Dek hockey associations and teams in the North West to provide further pathways into the sport and into local teams.

image09 f

Working with our many Community Partners we aim to set up a Manchester Phoenix Academy, where the best youngsters will earn a place, with the aim of equipment, coaching and ice time funded by our partners, and the aim of increasing home grown players in to the English Premier League squad in the future, making a real Manchester based team.

The Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club, along with its partners, also makes sure that the participants and their families that have never seen the Phoenix play can come and have a great night out, and all for FREE.

We are hoping to be able to put 1500 children and their families through this element of the foundation's activities in the next 12 months.

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